Intereasting Times: a 1st Year Maths GYG

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Only just found this

With you all the way - mathematicians rule
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To do list 2:

Soooo things didn't get better in the morning But it's now a few days later (and I can't wallow in self-pity any longer!), so I'm off to a shared study space by myself for the first time. I haven't yet decided where to go, but the uni has a few good study spaces, so I think I'll just pick whichever the website says is quietest when I go. Here is the plan for today, with my priorities in red:

- Catch up on MA132 videos (about 6 hours at this point :afraid:) and work through the notes for the extra details
- Plan my tutoring session for tomorrow morning (this will take hours since it's a new further maths module for me)
- Catch up on MA133 videos and review notes
- Catch up on MA136 videos and fill in gaps in my notes
- Do MA131 workbook (it's only 17 questions this week!... :rolleyes:)
- Start to catch up on LL255
- Email my French tutor for help with the exchange
- Look through the course rep Moodle and work out how to gather responses for our next meeting

It's a long list, but I can head over at about 11:30, and then aside from mentoring for an hour I've got the rest of the day and evening. I usually go to archery on Fridays, but I ended up getting overwhelmed and completely panicking at archery yesterday so I'm too nervous to go back today - it's not exactly a sport you can do without fully focusing for safety's sake! A bit annoying, but at least it gives me more time to study, I definitely need it :lol:

Hopefully I'll have a more positive update next time if I can make the to do list a bit less overwhelming I hope everyone else is doing well this far into term!
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Update 7: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The pressure is finally starting to ease a little! You can definitely tell we're on the final stretch to the holidays, and trust me we all need it :yes: The study day from my last update/to do list definitely helped, but I'm still massively behind in most modules, so I guess I have a busy Christmas ahead... I don't really mind though, I work a lot better when I don't have constant deadlines as it gives me the flexibility to look after myself, which definitely helps productivity.

The most exciting update this week is that we had a decent amount of snow :snow: I absolutely love snow, so I very much enjoyed being able to go for a snowy walk, and I think the geese liked it too (I'll try and upload some photos, but I don't really know how to do that on here, so apologies if it doesn't work)

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We still have a lot of work to do in this last week and a half, but the way we're graded means I can work out what to prioritise and what to not care too much about, which is why the pressure has eased a bit. In all modules our work this term is graded as "best (n-1) of n", and we only have 1 credit-bearing assignment left for each module, so we can essentially work out a minimum potential grade for the term. I'm very pleased with how it's gone, my only goal was to survive the term without needing to drop out again so good grades are just a bonus

Differential equations: (Best 4 of 5 assignments count for 15%) 99.5%, so 14.93%
Foundations: (Best 3 of 4 tests count for 15%) 92%, so 13.8%
Analysis I: (Best 7 of 8 workbooks count for 7.5%) 96.9%, so 7.26%
Intro to abstract algebra: (Best 3 of 4 assignments count for 15%) 92%, so 13.8%

It's definitely reassuring to have a nice percentage for each module in the bag to boost my exam grades! I don't know if I'll boost any of these grades with my last assignments/tests since I'm exhausted, but I certainly would not complain with these current grades

In terms of extracurricular stuff, I can't do archery at the minute since my kit keeps breaking a little bit every week, but we have the Christmas meal tonight so I still get to see everyone, and I've got a nice tacky jumper (your standard light up reindeer affair) for the occasion :xmasgrin: Hope everyone is having a good last few weeks!

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