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STUDIO APARTMENT for rent in Belfast!

Hi I've rented out student accommodation in York Street for myself in march of last year, but since then my plans have changed and I'm no longer headed to Belfast for university. if anyone wants to take over the lease for the apartment it's £150 p/w and the deposit has already been paid for you. it's not shared accommodation but it's still your typical student accomodation except you have your own kitchen and very large bathroom.
message as soon as possible at xxxx if you're interested
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Hi, sorry to bother you. Did you get sorted and do you have any advice as am now in same position. Thank you
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Hi, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I never got it sorted, I actually just had to bite the bullet and take the flat for the duration of the year. The room eventually warmed up to me a bit but it’s incredibly hard to ship a room like that at that price point. Is the studio you’re trying to get rid of in York Street aswell?
Hey! What did you think of York street? I was thinking of heading there this year because it’s a full first year halls but have bear mixed reviews
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Hey, I have to say I’d highly recommend staying away from it. There isn’t very much craic about it whatsoever, and it’s a far cry from what you’d want out of a first-year university experience. That’s not just because of the Studio Apartment either, I know a few others from there living in shared accommodation and they to cannot wait to leave. It gives off a ‘commieblock’ atmosphere and can be extremely barren. There are also no parties allowed, and the events arranged by Staffa are usually void of all life. Instead, I’d highly recommend considering LIV student accommodation which is located right beside 123 York Street. I’ve been in LIV several times and it’s significantly livelier, and a much more enjoyable atmosphere with looser restrictions on parties or having people over. If I had it to do over again I would’ve definetly went there over 123 York Street. Bear in mind LIV is still located on the actual ‘York Street’ as in the street itself lol, but 123 York Street is the accommodation I stayed at, the student roost is also located there. So yeah, I hope you enjoy your first year wherever you end up, but I’d highly recommend staying away from 123, I personally can’t wait to move into the house I’ve booked for second year.