How to make law notes (degree level) + revision ideas

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Hi guys,

Idk how to make good notes for law. The past year I just copied and pasted the PowerPoints. Idk how to make good notes. How do you make good notes?

How do you revise for exams?
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Hi burberry_butter

I'm a current Law with Criminology student about to start second year so I have taken many notes during lectures and for revision. I like to break down the information I am reading into sections and make notes in my own words so I know that I understand the information, rather than copying word for word what a textbook or document says.

I try to make take the information needed and put it into the simplest most clear form possible and try to summarise the information.

It can be a good idea to highlight key information such as case names, statute names and definitions etc and summarise this key information. For example, during case law, I like to break it down into sections such as the names of both parties, a brief summary of facts, the judgment of the case and the courts reasoning.

Find a way of studying and taking notes that works for you whether this is taking notes using the Cornell method, using mind maps or by using physical or virtual flashcards. Sometimes you can only figure out what works for you by finding different methods and trying them out.

In terms of revising for exams, I would recommend finding past papers or mock papers to get a feel for what the exam will be like and the timings etc. If you are someone who benefits from making a study timetable to follow I would recommend doing so also.

Please let me know fi you have any further questions.

Kasey - ULaw Student Ambassador.

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