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I am hopefully aiming to get 3 D*s in August for my BTEC in animal management. This is what all the unis I want to apply for require, along with at least five grades at GCSE at an A or above, which I also have, but one the double science should be at least a BB/AA. I got a BC. Does this mean no one will even consider me even though I have a good personal statement, decent amount of work experience, and good grades at Sixth Form level? I understand why they ask for this but I didn't think I was even gonna be applying for vet school because my school basically told me I was too stupid (I went to a super high achieving competitive private school which I hated). I've realised now that I'm not actually that stupid and have figured out how to revise when it comes to biology and chemistry modules in my BTEC.

My point is that I've changed so much and it just seems like a joke because I have nothing else I want to do this much and nothing else I am passionate about. To not even be considered a place at one of these vet schools just because of one GCSE grade I got 4 years ago just seems crazy to me.

I just don't know what I'll do or what my life is worth without going to vet school. Honestly. I don't even want to think about if I don't get in anywhere.
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This would be something to ask the individual universities about

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