Does he like me?

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So basically there us this guy I really like and I can decide if he likes me.when I got his number we texted alot,but as soon as the weekend was over it like nothing even happened,but I didn't think anything of it bc he is always busy .At first I thought he iked my but now I'm unsure.Abt a week later we were at lunch and his friends started yelling my name and pointing at him,I thought that ment he told them abt me or something, but idrk.I also sit with one if his friends in class and he told me that he has been leaving me on delivered, which I already knew,and that he never talks abt me.He always looks at me in the hallways and we both smile, but then when I go to class his friends talk abt him not talking abt me.Today I went to his football game and my friends asked him if he wanted to take a pic with me.he said "that sux" and him and his friends laughed it off .Im getting mixed signals and I really think we could make it work,but I need to know why he leaves me on delivered and if he even likes me
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i think he’s playing hard to get. give it a bit more time and see if he picks up with communication again. But if not, don’t waste your time. If you like him, tell him!!!

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