18+ Oyster expires 31 Aug but I need Annual Travelcard :(

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Hi guys, I would really appreciate your help on this:

I’m 24 years old and study BTEC Level 3 so I applied for my 18+ oyster and got it on 15 September, but then teachers decided to move me to level 3 Adult course, does it mean my oyster may get revoked or cancelled?

I actually really need an Annual travelcard because that’s the best value for me but what if my pursuer card will get cancelled? Or what if I’ll finish my course earlier (teacher said we finish 31 July) means my card will get cancelled sooner? When I try to buy Annual travelcard the website says I can’t, but when I put the odd number of days (from 17Sep 2021 to 30 Aug 2022) it says I can buy a yearly travelcard until 16 September EVEN THO my card is officially until 31 Aug… does it mean there is a glitch in a system?

Thank you
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