Streamlining presidential elections in the United States

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A network of voters whose total number is proportional to that of members of Congress get to pick who becomes president and vice-president in the United States, but laws there have a rather roundabout way to make the electoral college rubber-stamp the choice of the people, contrary to the intention of the authors of the constitution that they exercise discretion in picking someone for the presidency and the vice-presidency.

Most states accomplish this by requiring electors to choose the standard-bearers of their political parties as well as having voters pick slates of electors.

To make it more cumbersome, each political party picks from among hopeful members who gets to run in the presidential elections, so that the process begins with the announcement of candidacy, then with selection of contenders within the parties, then with the selection of electors that run with their respective contenders, and then finally the rubber-stamping of the popular choice by the electoral college.

Not only this waste so much money and effort, but it also has led to situations where the electoral college picked as president the contender that received fewer popular votes than the rival contender did in certain occasions.

However, no one is likely to succeed in replacing the electoral college with a nationwide popular voting system in the meantime, so a more practical solution would be to streamline how voters and electors pick someone to the presidency under the current system in place.

Instead of using "primary elections" to pick who gets to run in the elections, members of each political party that seek to run will form a roster from which the voters will then pick for selection by the electors.

For example, if 12 members of the Democratic party want the presidency, then they form a roster, and then 12 members of the Grand Old Party will form theirs.

Then, voters will simply need to pick only one of the two rosters for selection by the electoral college.

Then, the electoral college will simply pick as president any contender from the winning roster.

This method should cut costs, time, and effort for everyone involved in the elections, even by a bit.

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