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I am interested in applying for Queen Mary's Computer Science course after I finish my A levels which I started in September. My main question is does Queen Mary prioritise applicants who have done both Computer Science and Maths for A level.
I currently have both subjects with economics currently in a level. However, the maths teachers there had repeatedly made it clear that it will be the hardest course and will require a lot of hard work and honestly, that scared me. I feel as if I will not be able to perform that much pressure so it makes me want to drop A level maths.
For GSCE, I have received a 9 for Computer Science, loving the subject, and a 7 for Maths. I have read a lot of forums and it explains the math at computer science is rarely beyond GSCE level. And for CS at A level I am not that worried as the jump from GSCE to A level CS is barely 5 sub topics not a lot of new content.
However, I am still worried and confused that if i do drop maths at A level, I would not have the edge over other applicants. To put my situation in an example it would be like this:
Would Queen Mary's choose someone with A*AA with CS(A*), Psychology(A) and Economics(A)
or ABB with CS(A), Maths(B), Economics(B), this is the minimum entry requirements.
If you do manage to read all of this, thank you, just realised how much I've wrote but this is a serious situation for me as I have till November to switch subjects
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