Will he ever talk to me again?

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Last week I got really drunk and he went to pick my friend and I up from a party. Then, that same day he says I started to get mad at him about a bunch of girls he has nothing to do with. This week I went to another party and saw one of his girl friends there. She told him I talked behind his back (which I didn’t) but I know he’s going to believe her since she is his roomie. I’ve called him twice and sent him a long message apologizing for whatever I did and clearing up that I would not talk **** behind his back. However he still does not answer my text and I don’t want to keep looki no for him. Will he ever reply or is our friendship dead?

We have been seeing each other for 7 months now and I’ve grown to enjoy our time together but I also don’t want to beg him for something I feel I did nothing wrong.
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Just leave him or get rid of that girl who is spreading false info. If he is choosing her over you then end it.

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