Im a 24 year old Fresher and I don't think my younger flatmates want to hang out

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So I initially started university at 21 but I've been on a 2 year break since my dad died. I've returned to university now but I am starting from year 1 due to the length of time I was on leave.

Even though I was 21 the first time I started university, I had no problems socializing and getting to know my flatmates. Had a pretty good friend group. But something is just different this time.

I've been put in a flat with Freshers who are 18/19. I'm 24 but I feel like I'm being treated like I'm 42. My flatmates seem to have no interested in doing anything with me. They'll talk to me individually but when they are together, I just get looked at mostly.

I just walked into the kitchen and they were all getting ready to go out and they didn't acknowledge I was even there. In the hall I heard them talking about messaging my other flatmates to go with but I didn't cross their minds.

I've invited them to do stuff in our group chat but none of them replied with a yes or no. One of them said they were going to a house party but they said they didn't know if I'd want to go because it's a young crowd. The way they said it made it sound like it was a hint that I shouldn't go. So I feel like they find me creepy and if I ask to go, they'd think that's even creepier.

I have had a very tough couple years and I'm finding it hard to brush this off. Was hoping to escape my own head when I finally got back to university. I know my flatmates don't have to be my only friend option but it's a good starting point.

I have thought about asking to be housed with slightly older students but I'm in the cheapest accommodation currently and I need to stay because I can't afford the expensive ones.

Do you think my age is the issue? I didn't think 24 was old.
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How did they find out you're 24? Most students don't notice until you actually tell them. Tbh from what I'm reading, they seem like a bunch of immature kids that I wouldn't want to hang out with anyway.

But, if you really want to, I guess you could try to find additional ways to include yourself in activities (like flat parties and stuff), or if it's troubling you too much, ask them directly if they really do have an issue with your age. It could just be you misinterpreting them.
Alternatively, as you mentioned, I would strongly suggest looking somewhere else for friends.

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