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Hi guys, I really need someone’s help here. I have just transferred from Roehampton university to Westminster university because I didn’t like the way my course was taught and because Roehampton isn’t very well known for my course and doesn’t have that many people on my course. However, I absolutely loved the environment at Roehampton and the accommodation and my friends there and the sense of familiarity. So I transferred to Westminster as there would be more people on my course which I wanted, however I am now regretting my decision as I get the feeling Westminster uni isn’t as social as Roehampton and there doesn’t seem to be much going on there. Also, I feel awkward because most people at Westminster are much much older than me, including my flat mates, compared to Roehampton where they were all my age. I keep on missing Roehampton and I just get the feeling that I made the wrong decision as Roehampton really felt like my home. I am so upset and do not know what to do. Is it possible to go back to Roehampton ? Please can someone help
Many thanks
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I’m not an expert but if you read the fourth word you’d know I’m not an expert so Idk.

Joking, sorry bad joke. How long is your course? You have 5 years of funding by SFE so technically you can transfer if you’re studying for 3 years only. But transferring back to roehampton may mean starting from year 1! Going back now is too late, I assume. Give this year a shot before you decide to transfer.

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