How can I tell if a coworker is flirting vs being friendly?

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It's a part time retail job - so I'm okay with dating a coworker.

We're both in Uni (different Unis).

I think she's flirting with me at work, but part of me still wonders if she's actually flirting or if it's just a bit of banter between coworkers/a way to pass the time.

I will say she seems to act different with me vs the other guys at work.

How would I know if she is actually flirting?

I mentioned how one of the guys suggested I go out in the city where they go to Uni.
She said I 100% should go, I said 'ah yeah but it's a lot of effort', 'no it's not just stay with (that guy), we can meet up', so I said it to our friend and he suggested a few of us from work should meet up.
So I got her snapchat to arrange for the night out and now there's a group of us all going to meet up some time in the next few weeks.

So before then I'd sort of like to know if I actually have a chance or not.

I think she likes me but I'm still second guessing myself.
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Get your best gear on and see how things go on the night out

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