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Thought it would be nice to do a post, for all the amazing specialities and professionals who can sometimes be over looked due to the large focus on drs and nurses.

Although we make up a large part of the NHS work force, allied health professionals are essential in ensuring the smooth running of health care and the facilitation of patient recovery and disease prevention. There are so many amazing professions all who have unique and important roles. On the next page I’ve listed just a few (sorry if I missed any!!!) some roles I’ve never even heard of! When I was looking into what degree to study at university, occupational therapy was something that really stood out to me. I loved the idea of facilitating and enabling people to get as much independence as they can in safe and creative ways! When I started this account I ensured I was not just following adult nurses but a range of professions! I find everyone’s posts and experiences so so interesting!

I highly recommend whilst on placement, arranging to spend days with some of the listed professionals above! You will learn so much and as a nurse it is fab if you have an understanding of all the roles within a multidisciplinary team, to ensure you can make the necessary referrals and communicate effectively!

Read More : nursinginprogress.com

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