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Year 1: So it started with that i met this girl while i were hanging with some friends, we never realy talked with eachother. She started to talk about me/involving me in things when i werent there. At this point i got feelings and she got it to i think because of my friends always bringing it up.

Year 2: she started to try to talk to me more this time, she complimented me with saying i had pretty eyes twice (pissed on myself i didnt respond a good way) she also would call me a hotwing.

Year 3: She started to take pictures of me when i had been throw out of a boat. She would later those 2 days always ask me if i were ok, she would always giggle/laugh when i answered. She also started to ask teasing questions about it. But now my friends ruined it and they got blocked and i got unfriended from social media.

Was she only a tease
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Just sounds like you were friends for 3 years with a bit of low level flirting thrown in.

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