Optometry please help. Don’t meet entry requirements Aston uni

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This is my situation atm. I’m really stressed and kinda sad about my current situation ,so any help or advice would be extremely helpful. I’m very insecure about my grades, so please can we keep it positive.

I’m currently on my gap year. I did Bio, Chem and His from 2019-2021. I achieved BBB. I want to do Optom at Aston uni. I didn’t think much because my friend got onto the course with BBC but when looking upon the entry requirements I don’t match them.

As I had two science A levels they asked for: AAA. But they also offer a contextual offer (if eligible), if you meet one of their standards (I.e are in care or live in a POLAR 2 neighbourhood). Luckily I do. So that reduces the AAA requirement to ABB. but that’s still one grade off.

I’m worried that I won’t get onto the course. Like really worried . My personal statement is pretty good, I have included all the Optom books I read, all the work experience, the online MOOC Optom courses I have completed but I’m still worried.

They said they allow resits. So I may have to resit to get one of my Bs to an A. But that’s hard because I never got taught all the content due to COVID. And I’m not keen at all to resit. That seems like the worst possible situation for myself.

I could do a foundation year but I’m not keen. But it is an option.

I’m not sure what to do? Is clearing a possibility? Or can I still score an interview with BBB? Or should I just leave it? I’m super sad about this whole situation. Any advice would be super helpful. Please bare in mind, that I’m very insecure about my grades so any negative comments will be upsetting. Please can some1 help. Thank you so much.

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