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Am I mean to not want to invite my friend out on every night out. A little back story but I went to uni and she decided to not go so she's not getting that experience. I invited her out a few times to go out with my house mates and I. Which she's enjoyed so much she's slept with my house mate. I love her but I kind of just want a few nights without her as I always feel like I'm having to look after her then she ends up ditching me to be with my house mate. Just don't want her to hate me for it
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No, it's not mean. If she's your friend she'd understand that you also want the uni experience of socialising and it's your choice as to who you go out with; does she reciprocate and invite you on her nights out? If you had a job and she didn't, you wouldn't be inviting her on every night with work colleagues 'for the experience'.

The fact that you are asking on here makes me think that your friend may/does react badly to being left out? She's an adult and can make her own arrangements and circle of friends.

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