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Hey, I'm going to enrol in B-School in Leeds for PG course in upcoming year. I have come up with a list of student accommodation as follows*:
1. Iconinc @ Roomzzz- Leeds City West
2. St Marks Court
3. Burley Road
4. Iconinc - The Glassworks
5. Trinity Hall
6. The Foundry
7. The Refinery

Do you guys have any comments for the following accommodation ? I have been to many website to check for the review and each says different things. So, that's why I would like to hear from you guy.

However, if any of you has another accommodation to recommend, please feel free to do so. I believe your comments and reviews would be beneficial from many people whom are looking for a place to stay in Leeds.

Remark: * This short-list is based on my requirement where I would like to stay near by the B-School.

Thank you very much. Highly appreciated your comments and suggestion.

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