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Hi, I just wanted to ask if it is okay to use a mythological figure in your creative folio essay? I just want to use Medusa as my protagonist in the story but that would be all. I wouldn't be rewriting or retelling any of her myths or stories.
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Our teacher recommended to make ourselves the lead character and keep yourself as the one character, if any other characters keep it limited to one other at most as the essay is too short to get into the depths of multiple characters or interactions. Writing in the first person also allows you to be more intimate with your characters thoughts and emotions.

Maybe think about how many characters are in your story? Can you be medusa?

Remember the point of the folio is not to write a "good" story, it is to write a piece with clear story line, but more to show your application of different writing techniques and ability to building real depth of settings and a character to immerse the reader, so try to pick a story that will allow you do this.

I had to do creative last year for my Higher folio, which I originally hated (wanted to do persuasive, but we only did one folio piece and this was the style of writing the teacher concentrated on), I was really stuck with this and my teacher suggested writing a story about just walking through an art gallery. I thought that was a terrible idea, but gave it a go and it developed onto something very different, in the end a very simple story with more depth worked very well and I got 14/15 (doubled up to 28/30).

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