Do you think this person is my friend/considers me as their friend?

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I recently a message on social media from a person who I knew from a few years ago. I replied to their first message, and they got back with what is below in italics. I have Aspergers and struggle a lot to interpret messages like this because of the effects of this on me I also tend to overanalyse messages and most of the time reach the wrong conclusions. Please can I have some advise as to whether you think this people is my friend or not?

'First of all you need to chill. You are not a re tard. The dictionary definition does not apply to you because you are social and you know how to interact with people. Only you can change your loneliness. Throw caution to the wind. Join a club/society. Ignore those who insult you - you have dealt with worse at school. If you think you have no friends then you are wrong. Look up the definition of friend in a dictionary and apply it to people you know. It's not all about uni work. You need to put yourself out there and friends will come your way.'

Do you think that this person who sent me this message is my friend/considers me as one of theirs? I haven't saw this person for a few years now, so how can they so confidently say 'if you think you have no friends then you are wrong'?
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This is the fourth repeated message today of a copied post from 3/4years ago.

What are you hoping to achieve from this spamming?
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