Degree apprenticeship V university (help plz)

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I am currently enrolling at uni with plans to withdraw as soon as I get a formal offer of employment from the apprenticeship I've applied to since April. It took a load of time for me to balls up and tell my family what I was doing and now I'm set to get onto it whenever they finish finalizing things. Its the PCDA apprenticeship with the met in London. I've always wanted to join the police and see this as a very direction option with the added bonus of not having to pay back anything for the degree along with lifetime employment, I intend to make this a 35 year career with big plans along the way. My mum recently started to say I might as well see my undergrad through but I feel like I'd be wasting time and dragging myself deeper into debt just to get into the same job 3 years later when I could've jumped into it now and be very comfortable and securely employed by the time my undergrad finishes. A personal promise of mine is that if the finalized offer came before the 25% liability date ends, I'll take it as I would be able to comfortably pay everything off during the initial training period. And even if I do see my undergrad through I know I'll leave whatever Job I find in a forensic lab somewhere to go and be a police officer; my desire is still there even with the obstacles constantly getting in the way.
I just want some advice as this is something I've wanted to do my whole life and this is another obstacle being thrown at me during the process.
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Go for it! If becoming a police officer is what you really want to do and you get a formal offer then follow your dreams! There's no point being at uni and getting into huge debt to then wait 3 years for what you can do now. However until you have that formal offer - stay at uni as a back up. Seems like the world has gone crazy at the moment with the effects of the pandemic, Brexit etc so things can change. eg, last year people who had got (non police) apprenticeship offers suddenly had them cancelled when we went into lockdown. So it's wise to be cautious and have a back up plan of uni just incase you don't get that formal offer. If you end up staying at uni for a while - until you can start with the police obv there will be student loan repercussions so you will have to be prepared for that. But if you get an offer and the chance to follow a lifelong dream you should grab the bull by the horns and go for it! Good luck

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