Mechanical MSc or Renewable Energy Engineering MSc? Better job prospect?

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A little background, I graduated with a 2:1 Mechanical Engineering BEng prior to the pandemic and after graduation, I did about 6 months of traveling. When I came back I struggled to get hired for any graduate jobs. I believe this is partly due to lack of practical skills in my course.
So now, I've applied to go back to university in a last-ditch dilemma to gain some sort of practical skills that an employer would see as desirable.
I've applied for a Renewable Energy and Mechanical Engineering postgraduate course but I'm not certain which offer I'm going to accept. Whilst I am very interested in a Renewable Energy Engineering course, I fear that the job prospect from this course is limited compared to the Mechanical Engineering MSc. But some of my engineering friends argue that specifying might be even better for job prospects because then you are able to outline practical knowledge and skills better.
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I think you're right that specifying in renewable energy would likely give better job prospects but only for renewable energy jobs. I'd say if you applied for renewable energy company, they'd likely take on the guy with the specific degree.

However it might limit you in other fields such as robotics, production etc. The mechanical one will cover you for a variety of industries (you could even go into banking it's that versatile)

I'm only speaking from experience here, but what I've seen is that most employers care more about your attitude and passion for the job than a specific course. E.g. Do you build robots on the side and enter them in competitions or do you do alot of STEM events

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