Groan all over the place on Covid this morning

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No it wasn't a reasonable prediction for a worst case scenario. If I can use an analogy;

You think that Whitty is a weather forecaster who has data suggesting it will rain tomorrow. He tells us he is predicting rain, but fortunately it turns out to be warm sunny weather instead. You think that I'm accusing him of lying because it was sunny despite him predicting rain. And you're defending him by arguing that although his prediction didn't come to pass, he made it in good faith based on the data available to him.

But that isn't what happened. The data did not suggest that 4000 deaths a day was a reasonable worst case scenario. He was just saying that to scare us, so we would be compliant with another lockdown. The analogy is more like a weather forecaster who has data suggesting it will be warm sunny weather tomorrow, but they tell the public the data is suggesting rain. The data said one thing, Whitty told us it said something completely different. At best he was misleading the public.

The scientists complain about vaccine hesitancy but its their actions that are causing people to lose trust. They told us restrictions would only be for 3 weeks, they told us we'd go back to normal when the vulnerable were vaccinated, but they always go back on their promise and move the goalposts even further away. They told us masks don't protect the wearer, but I saw an article recently where it seems the narrative has changed again and now they do protect the wearer. It feels like 1984 and "We've always been at war with Eurasia" but its "Masks have always protected the wearer" even though a few weeks ago the narrative was that they don't. Eventually they just lose all credibility. People are just fed up of being lied to, and fed up of being labelled "anti science" when we call out scientists on their lies.
Feel free to believe what you like.

Perhaps you would like to make some predictions for the next 6 months? Feel free to either make them up or use some sort of data analysis to inform them. I doesn't matter. Either way, in 6 months time, we can look back on what you said whether you are correct or not and draw a new narrative that shows you in a bad light based on our own preconceived ideas of the world.

You have a view of the world that is very clear and regardless of what anyone may have done for good or bad, you are going to skew what happened to fit your own narrative.

All I can say, is what have you done over the last 6 months to make the world a slightly better place?

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