Hongkongers here face hate crimes as pro-China groups accused of stoking hate

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Worth reading. Would this also happen in St. Andrews? How would the school respond?


///...some 200 Chinese organisations in the UK professing their support for the crackdown in Hong Kong and the controversial national security law.

these groups are hostile to newly arrived BNO Hongkongers and their supporters and provides alarming video evidence to back up his claims...(inside the link)

many Chinese organisations in the UK are hostile to those they were set up to support because they have been bought off, or influenced, by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)...

“The hostile environment created by the established Chinese organisations makes Hong Kong people worried about approaching established Chinese organisations, for fear that their personal details may get passed on to the Chinese embassy or the CCP,” says Lam. Though there is no evidence of this, the fear of family members in Hong Kong being exposed to potential risk is a powerful one and it’s not just Lam who is concerned.///

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