Can someone help me with my essay/ the differences between analysis etc?

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It's on Henrik Ibsens 'A dolls house' - basically, I have the assessment criteria etc but I'm having trouble differentiating between the nuances of 'Analysis 'Critical anaylisis' 'Discussion and 'assessing the effectiveness' of a play/elements of the play

I've asked my teacher and she wasn't so helpful because I still have no clue. I have tried my best to do what I think they're asking but yeah I have no idea. If someone could please help me understand by giving examples or even reading over my work I would be forever grateful.
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Not sure if this is A-Level or GCSE…but I’d tackle them like this depending on the qualification.

GCSE - Critical Analysis:
- To be critical, it means you are essentially judging how the author does something. I remember being told the simplest way to do it is to add words such as “powerfully”, “thoughtfully”, “vividly” etc. So you could say things like “Ibsen powerfully uses x to demonstrate y” or. “Ibsen’s vivid use of x illustrates y” etc.
- Analysis also refers to close reading and multiple interpretations. So I’d say whatever evidence you’re using, look at the individual words closely and see how they relate to the text with your question in mind. I used to look up definitions of words because some words have different meanings. You could also think about how words relate in context, such as how different audiences feels about it.

A-Level - Critical Analysis:
- As well as the above, it usually refers to using different critical perspectives, such as feminist, Marxist or psychological. So, you’d think about analysing with those in mind.
- If it’s coursework, then you would add critical quotes from online journals, and kind of give your opinion on how valid it is with your question in mind. You should be able to access some from Google Scholar, but it also depends on what your school has access to.

GCSE & A-Level - Discussion:
- You’re considering all so what?’s and how?’s as you write your analysis and points, making sure everything leads to where you want it end as clearly a possible.

GCSE & A-Level and Assessing the Effectiveness
- Thinking about how readers/audience react/think of when the technique occurs.
- Always interesting to consider the audience of the writer’s era and current era as these can change.

Hope that helps!

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