Diagnostic Radiography case study ( question )

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Hi i have a case study for diagnostic radiography and in the case study it says Aisha and Billi are team mates on the netball team Billi , Billi falls over and hearts her wrist . Billi is seen by an Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) for initial assessment of her injury. The ENPexamines her wrist visually and uses his fingers to feel the joint and notices it is painful and swollenaround the distal radius and thumb area. He struggles to examine it effectively, because of theswelling and the pain caused as he palpates the joint. He asks Billi to describe how the injuryhappened and to explain the pain she is experiencing. He uses an injury assessment form to recordthe examination’s findings. He explains to Billi that as there is some tenderness over the anatomicalsnuff box, he is sending her for x-ray, but he suspects it may just be a bad sprain.Billi is taken to the x-ray waiting area whilst she waits for her x-ray. Aisha is on placement with MIUthat evening and notices Billi on her own she asks if it is ok to sit with her whilst she waits, they talka bit about what happened and how Billi is feeling. It turns out that although Billi is also a student,she has caring responsibilities for her disabled father and she is very concerned that she has had toleave him whilst she is attending the MIU. He is a wheelchair user who has had MS (multiplesclerosis) for a number of years. He is unable to prepare food for himself or use the toilet withouther help, so she is keen to get back to him as soon as she can. A neighbour is aware she has gone tothe MIU and will look in on him, but he is unlikely to ask her to take him to the toilet. Question : As a student radiographer ( Aisha ) what professional qualities must she maintain ?

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