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I am looking to do a degree in occupational therapy.
My predicted grades are D*, C and a C.
I am not bothered about staying local as I want some freedom for once
Where are the places I could go to?
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I'm not saying you won't be able to get in but both QMU (Edinburgh) and GCU (Glasgow) have higher requirements than you are predicted. Sometimes they may give credit for previous work experience.

However, there is an option via a HNC which would then get you into 2nd year. So you might need to look towards doing a HNC first. Or an Access course might be an option as well.

Although I suspect you are based in England and for funding you may well do better staying in England.

I would try to contact the local OT department and see if you can have a chat with them about what they do as this is often a topic in interviews for uni places.

I chose QMU as I live in Edinburgh so I have no need to change accommodation and as I am considered Scottish I get my fees paid for me. I did consider GCU but they have larger classes and I felt I wanted the smaller class sizes. (If I had gone to GCU I would have commuted rather than moved across there).
For Scottish uni's we can be sent anywhere (in Scotland) for placement, I'm in 3rd year (of 4 years) and we have our 3rd-year placement at the start of January and I am going up to Dingwall (its a wee bit north of Inverness) and one of my classmates is going to Shetland - it doesn't matter about the high probability of snow.

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