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George clemenceau was very unsatisfied as:
-war reparations should have been higher as he wanted to co.pletely cripple Germanys financial stability
-He wanted to make the Rhineland-Palatinate into a very weak independent country to tuther hu.iliate Germany however due to the influence if the military Clemenceau was unable to do that
-only allowed in saar coalfield for 15 yrs- need help expanding that
-failed to make Germany completely weak and germany recovered
-French people unsatisfied and Clemenceau was not re elected as many thought he did not represent the French very well
-Germany still had 100,000 army members and Clemenceau wanted to completely weaken Germany

David Lloyd George was unsatisfied as:
-germanys economy failed and unable to trade with Britain
-wanted to prevent another war but he predicted another one
-didn't not want harsh punishments and were against Clemenceau ambition
-wasnt fond of a league of nations
-Terms of the tov caused tension between Germany and Britain

wooden Wilson was unsatisfied with the treaty as:
-didn't want harsh punishment
-wanted peace
-fourteen points disregarded and ignored
-America and Germany not in the league of nations
-wanted trade with Germany but couldn't trade with a corrupt Germany

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