Is it hard to find the right girl ?

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Recently i started talking to this girl who lives around yorkshire and she is pretty and just the right person / vibe in general . I have been talking to her for about 2 weeks and have been constantly texting and calls regularly.

She said to me how she had sort of 2/3 relationships before and she has only kissed or w**ked a guy off ( sorry if its too straight to the point haha ) this made me feel abit hit back / re - evaluate . The main reason is because im a muslim pakistani and so is she . This is not me judging or anything we humans are not perfect but it just makes it abit more damper in a sense as i only speak to girls to marry later on or so . Sometimes there is dirty banter and all but in moderation.

As i am born in gen Z i know how it's different and more people are getting into relationships and doing all sorts with each other so maybe people are going to have some sort of history / have an ex partner . Just wanted to get some help and advice in if im taking this abit too serious or could be right to be abit reluctant or so
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Ye probably the wrong choice of words but meant someone interested/ could see future with i suppose . We both are 19 years old . By generally yes do you mean i'm being abit over the top ?
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You say that you're not judging her, but it certainly sounds like you are when you need to follow that up with a remark about humans being imperfect. Most people you encounter will have a relationship history and that shouldn't be considered a flaw or imperfection. It's just life experience.

If this is going to be a concern for you then it would be better to not progress things any further with this girl. If you're not going to be able to respect her because of her past then it's not fair to pursue her.

In response to your thread title, yes, it can be difficult to find the right girl. It took me 15 years of playing the dating game to meet my current girlfriend and she is utterly perfect - so much so that she broke several of my previously established dealbreakers and yet somehow that just didn't matter. I don't regret the people I had to let go of to meet her.

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