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Hi, I want to apply for University of Cambridge, and I am predicted the following grades:Mathematics A*Further Mathematics A*Chemistry A*Physics ABecause Physics and Mathematics are the required subject for engineering, I want to ask will the A in the physics predicted grades affect my chances in getting an interview and at the end, my chances of admission or will the other three grades be enough to cover it?I am very worried about this and I want to seek advice from the forumThankyou very much
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I think most colleges don't specify the A* be in physics as their standard offer so in principle if you do well in the ENGAA you should have as good a chance of getting an interview as anyone else I would imagine. However, note that the colleges can specify one of the require A*s be in a particular subject, which has happened in the past (sometimes they do this if they feel an applicant is borderline and want to see if they can "stretch" to that particular requirement). That said from what I've read this seems less common these days than it used to be.

The ENGAA includes a lot of physics material though so to do well in it you need to be on top of that physics content. If you are predicted an A in A-level Physics this may be an indication you need to brush up on that material a bit more to ensure you can do well in the ENGAA.

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