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I studied a different course (3 year long) for three years (Dropping out in the third for compelling circumstances) after this taking time out to get myself back together.

After this time I went back to university and changed course (3 year) and I'm in my second year. Due to tuition fee calculations I got funding for my second year due to (2 years previous course (third year was compelling circumstances) + 1 new course first year) bringing me to 4 years of funding.

During this year I am transferring to the integrated masters course which is 4 years long. Because the tuition fee calculation is (length of course + 1) WILL I GET FUNDING FOR MY THIRD YEAR? Then after that the fourth year payment will be down to me.

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Note that the way funding is calculated by SFE, if you do not have enough entitlement to cover the whole course, you will need to self fund the first years you don't have entitlement for, until you will have funding to cover the rest of the years of the course (at which point tuition fee loans will kick in again). So you would not "wait" until fourth year to self fund fourth year; you would need to self fund next year (I presume), and then would receive funding in fourth year (and potentially third year).

The SFE reps may be able to give more specific guidance on exactly if you will be funded or not, but in general you should be aware of the above - you can't "defer" the self funded years to the end of the degree unfortunately, you have to pay those up front as soon as you wouldn't have enough funding to cover the full course. However you can still receive a maintenance loan during the "self funded" years, just not a tuition fee loan.

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