A Study of the Industries - Elsie's GYG (A First Year's POV of Uni)

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4 weeks?? I said I would try and update this every day but clearly, I've not done that...

Uni's going really well, I really love it here. I'm really enjoying my course and I'm doing well on my assignments so far; we've been doing mini in-class presentations for marketing and it's a really nice way for us to be settling into doing assignments and i've got high marks on one of my powerpoints so far (we've done two out of four but only one has been marked).

I've been home once, I went for the end of reading week and was able to spend time with my best friend from home who was home for reading week, and i got to see my godbrother too which was really nice - he's at a uni nearer to where I live at home. I find not being at uni very odd now, it's almost like uni is home for me now, so actually going home (or even going to my grandparents, which i did for a night a couple weeks back) is very strange..

I have two reports due in the next month - one due on the 22nd and one on December 16th and whilst i've run into an issue with one of the pieces of info i need, it's an easy fix as long as my lecturer has the premium version of a piece of software we use for the module it's for.

I'll keep updating over the next few weeks but I'm doing well at uni, it's a lot of fun and i'm finding that i finally feel like i fit in here
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Hello! Happy December, happy Advent, early Merry Christmas!

Over the last few weeks I've bought Odeon Limitless as we have an Odeon just down the road from campus and I've already made my money back on that: I've seen Venom, The French Dispatch, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Pirates and then House of Gucci last night, and we're planning on going to see Order of the Phoenix at the weekend as Odeon are showing all the HP movies during December.

I have a student rep meeting in about an hour, as I along with two other girls in my class volunteered to be student rep, so I'm excited to see where that takes me this year. I met with my class tutor yesterday as a sort of "oh how's uni going, this is what I can do for you and this is why I'm here" introduction meeting. I get on really well with him which helps, he's an amazing lecturer and whilst we as first years don't have him for regular lectures this year, he pops in sometimes to take a class every now and again and he actually makes my class have discussions!!!!

I have a report and a group project due in two weeks, and then another report due on January 6th which I'm not really looking forward to doing, and I'm slightly stressed about the group project as I much prefer to work by myself (and no offense to the others in my group) but one of the boys is utterly useless which I'm slightly stressed about but I think it'll be fine (hopefully).

I've applied for a job at BK because none of the other jobs I applied for ever got back to me, and I'm hoping that I might be able to snaffle a job at BK just to be earning some extra cash on the side.

Anyway, uni's going well, I've been handing in my assignments on time, and have been really enjoying my course but I'm definitely looking forward to going home for Christmas and seeing my family.

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