feel trapped at uni, considering dropping out or transfering

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I started uni this week and I hate the town I am in, i chose it without properly researching or visiting because I was really ill at the time, I've recovered from that episode but now I'm at a uni that really isn't for me at all, i hate it. it's a top 5 uni and i've already taken a gap year so I feel trapped and like I can't just drop out and apply somewhere else next year. I've decided i'll stick this year out and then transfer in my second yera to somewhere like kcl or edinburgh university (both of which I got into but didn't choose, **** me lol). I'm kind of scared though because I feel weird about the possibility of having to go through freshers all over again at a different uni and knowing no one and being really isolated. has anybody every transfered uni, how did you find it?? tbh, i don't even know if i can last a year here, i'm concidering trying to find a uni that will take me, but all of them are full
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Hang in there, it will get better once you get into the course and you start connecting with people from your course. Most courses have some element of group work so you will need to work with others. You may find they are feeling as blue as you (but not said anything to anyone). If the course is good, don't worry if the town is not so nice.

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