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Hi people, I've just started my 3rd year Illustration degree. It's proven harder than I thought to come up with a title or topic I can really immerse myself into.

I am pretty passionate about video games and its place in the world of art, and that people are starting to give some credence to its supporters' claim that it is worthy of being alongside other mediums such as film, literature and painting etc, as an artform. I thought about the title of "What can get videogames into art galleries or art museums." Having already done a bit of research, video games have appeared in art galleries such as MOMA, but essentially only for its design aspects. I'm intrigued about what the future holds for this growing medium, considering that virtual reality is the next logical step in its evolution. Turning this subject into an Illustration dissertation would be a challenge when artists are to be brought up though.

My other idea concerns the concept of beauty and what people ascribe to it. How much of it is cultural and should mathematical formulas be allowed to dictate and decide on the beauty of something? Many people often refer to the golden ratio as the standard measurement tool. It's been used on the faces of celebrities to really bolster its efficacy. Artists even sing its praises when they apply the formula onto their character designs; although when I look at it, I always felt the tool was meant for establishing something that's perfectly proportioned and shaped, and it's definitely not the case with cartoons and animation which can be either exaggerated like Disney or understated in anime (character's faces anyway). Anyway, I think can draw from a lot of artists if I go along with this one. Plus, it is definitely related to illustration.

What do you guys think? Cheers for any help.
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So with your interest in video games are you focusing on spatial modelling or BIM softwares as drawing/illustration tools?

And with golden ratio are you referring to geometry and mathematical beauty ideals?

Why should video games be in galleries and art museums?

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