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Hi all. I need help on Unit 19 Qs 4,6 and 9. Has anyone done it. Here's the feedback I recieved from my assesor:
You have submitted 2 assignments but there are many elements missing here:
1. You need to submit 2 detailed assignment plans for each of your uploaded assignments.
2. The supporting summary needs to detail some of the research undertaken, the reasons for it, and some of the sources used for the research for EACH assignment. You also need to detail how you used the drafting process to produce your final version for at least one assignment. Your summary must be between 300 and 400 words.
Please read the guidance again so you fully understand the requirements of this question. If you need to review assignment planning refer to the study materials for pearl.unit 4 (Preparing a Written Assignment), section 5.1.
For this question, you must then write a short summary explaining how this particular assignment demonstrates your ability to sustain a logical analysis, argument, interpretation or explanation. Your summary does not really do this and exceeds the word limit. You do not need to write about the methodology or approach to this assignment. You need to write about how your highlighted examples demonstrate some of the key skills of explanation/analysis/interpretation. Use these key verbs/skills in your summary.
You have uploaded an appropriate set of notes along with a list of references. However, in your explanation, you need to explain the content of the notes including the key themes and the specific sources of information used to research them. You seem to have written about different note taking methods which is what question 8 requires. For example, you can say that you needed to find out about .....so you used a particular source/s to gain that information. You need to look at the key themes in your notes and say what specific sources were used to research these.I'm sooo stuck on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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