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I graduated with my BA in 2020 and I'm now seriously considering going back to university to do a Master's. I want to upskill technically and have been looking at different courses at various universities, and I am particularly drawn to the MSc Political Communications course at Brunel. I am passionate about politics and media/communications (which was my BA) and I like that this course at Brunel teaches you how to use software that is used to detect deep fakes and manipulated content and how to work on campaigns.

Has anyone here done the MSc Political Communications course? If so, what are you doing now that you've graduated? Political consultancy? Working in detecting manipulated content/deep fakes? Career prospects on completion of the course is the most important factor that I'm taking into consideration in choosing a uni for my postgrad. It took me a long time of searching lots of different courses at lots of different unis to find the right Master's course for me, and I think I've finally found the right one, but if it's not likely to give me great prospects afterwards then I won't waste my time, of course.

Also, is it possible to get a work placement for a political consultancy working on campaigns or in PR, or working for organisations in analysing content for manipulation?

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