Hair help- lots of breakage!

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So over the last few months my hair has become very dry and brittle and feels thinner. I’ve had a blood test done just make sure there’s no nutrient deficiencies (not fit the results back) but I’m trying to figure out how to treat my hair from the outside as well as the inside.

My hair type is fine and wavy, dry, like if I didn’t wash it for a week it wouldn’t be oily, and only really needs washing to remove product buildup and sweat. My scalp can get quite dry and flaky too. I’m not sure if I need a treatment like Olaplex or more of an oil mask or both? I don’t know how often to use them. I use hair oils daily but my hair just seems to absorb it and go back to dry and frizzy 🤷*♀️

Help my poor hair!
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Hair breakage is caused by a variety of factors. It's possible that you're lacking in vitamins or minerals. Alternatively, you may have chemically stripped your hair of the protein keratin (with bleach, for example). Hair is mostly made of protein, and it needs water to stay supple. When it breaks, it's usually due to a protein and water imbalance, which can weaken the hair's strength.

Take a supplement and eat a healthy diet to encourage hair growth, as well as strengthen and restore balance to your hair.

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