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Does anyone know of any firms or have any contacts to get some work experience in an investment banking/ management firm for a year 12 student (aged 16)? Ideally situated in/ near Birmingham.
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Sorry to say mate but those two industries are practically non-existent outside of London.

You may be able to find some stuff in wealth management (not the same thing as investment management). I know Rathbones has offices in the area.

It's gonna be very difficult to convince someone to give you work exp at that age. You're basically asking for babysitting. Not to say you're a baby but you're basically either be shadowing or producing grunt work that they know you 100% can't **** up. So it's only going to be a time sink for this firm and you need to give people a reason to sink that time.

If you're serious about it and have some time, here's how you go about it:
1. Get on Google maps and look around your local area and London for firms by searching "investment service" or "investment bank" or "investment management"
2. Make a list of the firms that come up and are relevant
3. Make a LinkedIn profile if you don't have one already. Get the premium (recruiter) free trial.
4. Find the linkedin pages of the companies you've found and look at their employees.
5. Find the employees who are like medium seniority (not the CEO but also not the first year analyst).
6. Connect with these people and send them a polite note explaining who you are and that you want to have a call to find out what they do.
7. Have the call, ask genuine questions that aren't stupid and googleable, show your passion and then say you're looking for work experience and would they be able to help. Easily 90%+ of the people you talk to will say no. So expect a lot of rejection.

That's how you go about this if you want to do it. I guarantee that no one on this forum is going to any of their contacts (if they have any) to ask them to babysit a 16 year old for a week. There's just no upside there.

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