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hello, I recently moved from S2 to S3, the thing is a have been stuck in another country during this shift and school has started over there so everyone else is learning all the new stuff for this year and I have been trying my best to catch up, but my teacher is posting stuff like the textbook pages and all that but I am finding it very difficult to even work and do normal stuff, because I dont know how each practical works and all that, because usually the teacher would explain the method and we would have to write down the method in our booklets. I asked my friends for notes but they usually send them pretty late or sometimes they even don't. I used to be very good at all of my sciences but now i have gotten very rusty especially in biology and physics.

The thing is can anyone help me to get back on track or suggest something like a website so that i can find a way to get better at my subjects i am having issues with

i am finding issues with


P.S. i am really sorry if i have any spelling mistakes or any punctuation mistakes, basically english is not my best subject

thanks for any help
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JabCHEM - I know you don't do chemistry but they have biology, physics and maths past papers with worked solutions
National5maths website - the website has hundreds of resources, I went from a D to an A (band 1) through some of the videos and worksheets they have.
English is a nightmare. Something that helped me at Nat 5 that helped me go from a No award to an A(Band 1) is going through past paper questions. Get your folio up to the best standard you can 12-15. Also, start picking apart what your teacher says to you and reword it for your analysis. Practice because the timing will kill you for the Critical essay section if you don't.

If you'd like help with your maths stuff (I know it's an important qualification), message me and I'll send you a worked solution. Even with the pandemic, I got the highest grade in my year for it. Same with English. Trust me, you'll want someone to look over your work. I am now doing 5 Highers in S5 and I did my N5s in one year. Do yourself a favour and start now or you'll have to cram in at the last minute.

Please don't be demotivated if you're doing not as good as you hoped. I assume you'll be doing this over a 2 year period and a lot of things will change during that time, including what will be in your final exam.

Best of luck!

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