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I’m doing BTEC for Computer Science in sixth form and I have to go by a school bus to college to go to BTEC for once a week all day.

I currently hate doing it at the college class, mainly because Im confused most of the time and worry that others ridicule me for it. This is because I didn’t do Computer Science in GCSE and Im not the best when it comes to technology but I got a decent grade in ICT and English (in my school are one of the requirements) so I guess that’s why I was accepted. I always worry about what others think of me as majority of the students in the class seem absolute experts and are fast with their work. While I on the other hand is slow and a door-knob with the work. I try to convince myself that others are not as smart as they seem and that I should just study before class to understand things but it somewhat doesn’t work out that way either. I want to ask teacher but then again don’t know what to ask when I literally don’t understand almost everything. I still want to do the subject though and I don’t think I want to drop it anytime soon due to it being related to my wanted career in the future.

I think it would be better for me to work from home because then I would be able to catch up to others by waking early to get work submitted by the time it needs to be supposedly finished and It would make me far less stressed on attending classes.
So I was wondering if it was possible to just work from home when it comes to a college BTEC linc course and not in a way that Im sick but just doing the work from home.

Im planning on asking the teacher about working from home but first want to make sure if it’s possible or not so I don’t come off as more of an idiot than I already am. I apologise for the long text and hope you have a good day

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