Scared of class. I keep having panic attacks and running out of class?

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This university semester is a group project and we get a group grade.
There was drama between me and a group member.
She started acting like I was evil even though I did nothing wrong and my group members took her side.
So I left the group.
I tried to join groups but no one wanted me, even the people who had previously begged for me to be in their group.
The girl kept acting very immature and running away from me and telling people she was afraid of me (even though I have done nothing to her? Honestly! I know it sounds like I have done something but I genuinely didnt. It even confuses me!)
So I ended up sitting on a desk alone and the groups on the desk nearby moved away to a desk further back.
I kept crying in class and no one in class really seemed to care.
The girl has stopped running away from me now and instead walks past me laughing and smiling and acting like life is absolutely great. Whilst I struggle as a one man band.
I think she loves the fact she has destroyed me.
Anyway, I stayed strong for a while but now I cannot even enter the classroom, when I do I get an immediate panic attack and run out and go home.
I spoke to a counsellor and it didnt even help. The Uni just seems irritated with me that I didnt get a group yet but thats not my fault.
Anyway I am becoming very mentally ill now and cant cope. When I am in class I feel like everyone hates me and I feel like the girl is gloating every time she sees my tear stained face walk through the door, i just cant focus on work, I just panic and hyperventilate and come straight back home.
What should I do?
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Rather hard to comment on the issues youre having in class as we dont know whats happening and i imagine theres another side to this story if most of the class has gone cold to you...?
Well for the panic attacks themselves, you can always ask your GP for clonopin? I got given it for them, albeit a different cause for panic attacks but it works well for them and is less habit forming than other dedicated anti-anxiety meds.
As to speaking to a councilor, that is more of a long term option, you wont get anything out of a single session...

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