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I'm currently studying an undergrad in Asia Pacific Studies with Japanese. I love my degree and find it very interesting, but I'm struggling with deciding on a career path to take after graduation. I've thought of a lot of things and have a lot of options that would all require further study. My main problem is that I've been struggling academically and have had to take a break this year. When I go back to uni, I'll be repeating my 2nd year. I'm mostly concerned about my Japanese because it's so demanding and although I love it, I have a feeling I won't be able to motivate myself to the level of participation required throughout the rest of my study. Also, my family are concerned that I'm not independent enough right now to go abroad, and that my mental health isn't stable enough (which is definitely true). So, in taking my break I started thinking I might want to work in the childcare sector. I want to help kids emotionally, and so am open to working in a variety of fields. So far I've been looking at primary teaching, residential childcare, nursery nursing and social work, but I would also be interested in child psychology related careers. Is there an undergrad I could switch to that would qualify me for as many of these fields as possible? I'm not familiar with the childcare sector so I'm not sure exactly what qualifies me to work in specific sectors, but I don't want to put myself in too much of a box. Would there be a generic enough child studies undergrad that could qualify me in a variety of sectors? I'm struggling with experience since I haven't worked with kids before.

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