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Hi everyone! I'm currently a new student at the University of Salford. I'm looking for a place to train but I am not into conventional fitness (i.e. bodybuilding, weight-lifting, crossfit). I am looking for a place that is specific to calisthenics or, even better gymnastics.

The issue with PureGym and other gyms I visited is that they lack stallbars, which I need for a variety of things. Not to mention, PureGym has very poor customer service standards.

Regardings gymnastics, as far as I know Salford Uni does not have a club and facilities throughout Britain are notoriously unaccepting of beginner/semi-beginner adults, either offering no options for us to train and 'have our fun' or only doing so at very late evening hours (only once a week if you are lucky).

I need a place where I can go at least 2, preferably up to 4 times a week at more convenient hours. That's also why calisthenics gyms are being considered, even if they won't me allow to progress to certain drills.

Can anyone please recommend a place? Alternatively, does anyone know if the University of Manchester allows students of other Manchester-based unis to join their gymnastics club?

Thanks in advance!
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This is my advice that is based on my own real life experience. I recommend trying to find a gym that ticks all the boxes on your list. In other words you need to ideally find one that will actively support you in your efforts to reach your personal fitness goals. Most council gyms run a bunch of fun fitness classes. Ask about those.
Take a look online at their website or call up/email for some more details etc. Definitely aim to go and visit at least two local council funded public gyms on your own as well. Make some brief summary notes and then you can decide. Discuss everything on your first visit.

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