I want to work from home when it comes to my BTEC linc course

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I'm in sixth form 12th year and I feel as though working from home on the BTEC linc cource will make me far less anxious and make me happier to work on.

I'm a huge slowpoke at work and so working from home by waking up early will benefit me in finishing it. I've already got the teachers email so I can ask questions on there, plus it will make me far more confident to ask questions through there rather than by face-to-face.

I'm writing this to know if this can be possible (I know it differs on the types of schools and such but just want to know) and how I can ask my teacher with a good reason on studying the work from home since I'm not sure if the reasons I've listed below are enough.

Thank you for reading this and I apologise if it's too long, I just want to hear any advice and hope you have a good week.

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