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Wait, what! I thought ATP meant active transport! (gyg)

'ello, 'ello, 'ello.

Right, so this has been left to dry in the drafts for about 10 days, so it shows how serious I really am. I really really want good grades this year. And I terrified for any future exams. I start thinking about May and my stomach shrinks.

My GCSE results -
Maths - 8
English Language - 8
English Literature - 9
Chemistry - 9
Biology - 9
Physics - 8
Business - 9
Religious Education - 9
Geography - 9
Hospitality and Catering - D*

My AS Levels -

I haven't ben given predicted grades for all my subjects yet, and mocks are in November.

So far, I have 0 motivation, 0 energy and 0 revision notes, so it's not looking too good.

All I've ever wanted to be in life is a doctor (well apart from a week, 8 years ago, when a spy was deemed a likely option. However, reflecting on my sound levels when I'm excited, maybe not). And I don't want my hopes and future to go down the drain because I've not been focussed enough this year.
So here goes

p.s. the title is something I actually said the second week of biology, and my teacher looked like I had killed someone in front of him.

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What specifically you need help in?
Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration down a concentration gradient through a semi-permeable membrane.

Diffusion is the movement of gas and liquid particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration down a concentration gradient.

Active transport is the movement of particles from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration up a concentration gradient using transport proteins and energy.
ok, this is embarassing. The title is something stupid I said a few weeks ago. This is supposed to be a grow your grades page, where I document my progress throughout the year. Thank you for your help though, it means a lot
Next week, I have 4 tests -
Biology on Monday
Chemistry on Tuesday and Wednesday
Psychology on Thursday - My days are looking full. I was supposed to do a bit of revision, but I haven't gone through anything yet. I think I'll start on some chem work
alrightyy, so i had most of my exams.
Bio went alright, nothing much to say about it - i think i might get my results for it tomorrow
Chem was a mess. No other words for it
Psych is tomorrow, and I'm not too confident, so I'm going over my notes
I'm back, and I'm guessing this is me procrastinating, because I really don't want to do bio revision. I got my biology test back today - 40/44 which is an A. I don't want to get too gasses because most of the questions were on pmt soooo.
I have a chem exam on wednesday, so hopefully I finish learning all the content by tomorrow
Active transport is the most common way of getting particles across a cell layer using cell energy. ... Active transport is utilized by cells to aggregate required particles like glucose and amino acids. Active transport fueled by adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is known as essential active transport.
Original post by not/so/studious
ok, this is embarassing. The title is something stupid I said a few weeks ago. This is supposed to be a grow your grades page, where I document my progress throughout the year. Thank you for your help though, it means a lot

This is my earlier post. I'm not actually at the ATP part of biology
Original post by not/so/studious
This is my earlier post. I'm not actually at the ATP

Omfg I didn’t know u had a blog!
Ok so this is embarrassing.

10 months ago, I thought I would be the most active user on here, literally blogging my every move. Fast forward, I've completed my AS levels, got my results, entered year 13 and did my UCAT. If I remember correctly, I logged out of my account because I use anything to procastinate. Tell me why I was so bored, I was devouring the relationship forum. Why was I, at big 16, reading about dates and flowers (jealousy jealousy). So I deleted my account, and thought that was the end of it. OH HOW I WAS WRONG! I became a silent viewer instead, going through everything, but never commenting, never contributing. So I'm back, but lets be honest, who knows how long I'll be here for.

Let me just give myself a little recap


My subjects were

Biology - Oh how I have such a love hate relationship with this subject. The content is beautiful, and learning about it is so cool. But an exam? A test? A teacher asking me a simple question? No way, I can't word anything properly and my answers tend to be brimmed with waffle. All year I was averaging between and A and a B, and let me tell you one thing, the exams were crap.
My school does AS LEVEL and so I (very stupidly and wrongfully) assumed I would be safe. So what do I do? I listen to the exam board, They tell me there is no exchange systems on both exams.....................

This is the girl who couldn't even differentiate between the left ventricle and right atrium at the start of the year. You guys, my stress levels reached the roof. Actually no, God himself received an express parcel full of my stress.

Chemistry -

My baby, my sugarplum, my darling, how I love you. You literally bring light to my life. All I need to do is do ppqs and I learn so easily. EXEPT WE STARTED YEAR 13 CONTENT AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND A WORD. But it's cool, I'll work on it, I'm not giving up on my darling

My teacher is a psychopath and he only learnt my name after a year of teaching me. Tbf, there's a lot of indians in that class. ACTUALLY NO, WHY AM I DEFENDING HIM? The subject itself is mehh, learning all them AO3 points destroyed my mental health and as usual, I waited till the last minute before I started revising.

RE -
Actually no, the subject is beautifulish, at most slightly cute. Not chubby baby cute, but what you would call an ugly dog after a semi decent hair cut. I'll be honest, I had no motivation to study for this subject. I didn't do any homework, and my teachers were so concerned because of the amount of lessons I slept through. The people sitting next to was so used to my sleeping, they even brought me a blanket one day

RE is split into 3 subjects
Ethics - taught by one teacher
Philosophy - taught by two teachers - they don't get along. It would be funny if my whole entire grade didn't rely on them being mature (which they werent)
Christian Thinking - No words. JOKES, the dude used a lecture based learning. Which meant he would spend an hour talking about his desire to lick barth's ass, while I slept
I ended up skipping RE lessons so I could sleep
So I end up doing my AS LEVELS,
My results day was on the 18th

Bio - 99/140 (A)
Chem - 133/140 (A)
Psych (109/144) (A)
RE - 136/180 (B)

RE wasn't a suprise, I just would've liked having 4 As, but we move.

So poor little me thought I could balance Nuffield, EPQ, PS and UCAT in one summer holidays, as well as going to Greece, 4 wedding events and a baptism.
Didn't work, anyways, I'm tired of explaining my life story so UCAT was something so very difficult for me. I found VR and QR to be somewhat decent, AR was the bane of my life and DM was always fluctuating.

I'll get some of my mock grades down here becaue you guys will honestly be shocked,
Long story short, I was averaging 2700s in my medify mocks and for my real thing I got -

VR- 680
DM - 830
QR - 760
AR - 860
SJT - B2

Total - 3130 B2

I was gobsmacked. I was so disappointed after I did my exam, so scared that I refused to open my piece of paper until I reached home. I think I was worried I'd intentionally jump in front of a bus. My exam was harder than any mock I've ever completed and I thought my score was a joke. If anything, call me a beg if you want, I was a bit disappointed with my SJT because 9/10 times, I was achieving a B1, but it iz what it iz

Anyways, you'll be hearing from me soon.
ALSO BIG THANKS TO JESUS. I rely a lot on prayer, and I know this wouldn't have been possible without his grace. God is good guys : )

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