Research Proposal for MPhil in Politics and International Studies (Cambridge)

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I’m currently trying to apply for a master’s in Politics and International Studies at Cambridge. I’ve already written my CV and am in the process of working on my research proposal.

What I did was to check the list of people working in the POLIS department and see whether there were any shared interests. However, according to the Cambridge website, the research proposal should be “on any area of the syllabus and should indicate some familiarity with the context of the proposal and research methods to be employed.

I was thinking of writing a research on Central Asian countries and how the recent post-Soviet policies of writing system reforms are tied to authoritarianism (and, possibly, Neo-Sovietism).

There isn’t anything from the list of fields of studies that directly corresponds to what I’ll be writing about (Central Asia); however, I did find people in the department that could potentially be interested in the general themes of post-communist state building, Asian relations and authoritarianism.

Do you think a proposal like this one would make sense? Or it would undermine my chances of being accepted as it isn’t completely reflected in the available fields of study?

I really like this topic, but I’m ready to “abandon” it in case it isn’t suitable at all

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