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Aberystwyth do a cascade marking and it would be great if someone could help me figure out if it’s possible for me to get a 1st in third year?

In second year I did 3 20 credit modules (72%, 60%, 62%), and 6 10 credit modules (55%, 58%, 70%, 50%, 41%, 70%)

In third year I’m doing 6 10 credit modules, 1 20 credit module and my dissertation is 40 credits.

Aber’s cascade system works like this:
Band 3: best 80 level three credits, given a weighting of 3
Band 2: next best 80 level three and level 2 credits, given a weighting of 2
Band 1: remainder of level three and level two credits given a weighting of 1
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Essentially half your grade is your best 80 credits this year, 1/3 of your grade is your best 80 level 2 credits which is essentially all the 20 credits modules plus the 2 70% 10 credit modules) and 1/6 of your grade is the low level grades in level 3 & 4.

Yes I think you can get a first but you’ll require somewhere in mid 70s across the board (depending how consistent you are). You can sit and work it exactly if you get excel out. But due to the weird methodology their are a lot f loose permutations.

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