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Is anybody else doing this? I'm really not sure, I got an okay UCAT, and shouuuuldd have 3 guaranteed interviews with my current choices, and then 1 BMAT choice. But there's another BMAT uni that I really want to a apply to, and one of my UCAT choices that to be honest I don't love and is definitely my last choice. But I'm wary of swapping it out as it seems like quite a risk, applying without knowing my score.

Anyone else?
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If I were you, I would probably do the following:

1) Look at my UCAT score compared with the cut-off from previous years. How "safe" are they? Look at the pattern of UCAT cut-offs over the past few years and see how they're increasing and use that to guesstimate how much it might increase this year. Is it still looking safe? (bear in mind this is very much guess work, but it's a good place to start). If you have a weak or risky application already, it might be worth considering the BMAT uni. Yes, there's a risk not knowing your score, but there's also a risk sending off a weak application anyway.

2) Make sure you have the other academic qualifications for the BMAT uni - e.g. GCSEs, A-levels, experience, etc. If you don't meet those criteria, you're unlikely to even make interview

3) Consider the possibility that you only get one offer, and it's from your least favourite choice. Would you still be happy to go? If not, definitely consider swapping to the BMAT

Ultimately the final decision is yours, but keep it strategic. If you have a very strong UCAT score, and you felt the BMAT went poorly for example, you would be better off sticking to UCAT. If your UCAT is borderline, you really don't like the university, and you are feeling positive about the BMAT then consider changing.

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