I have a illness which is depressing me

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I have Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome(poiscenter.com) . This results in a onset of symptoms like Brain Fog(brain does not process thoughts and also slight memory problems). ,Headache, Body Pain.
These symptoms appear everytime I masturbate generally a orgasm(any type)
The symptoms remain from 3-7 days after a release. These are serious symptoms.

I have college starting in a few weeks. And my dad is paying for it. Most people having this syndrome have to seriously leave any jobs which need cognitive intelligence of any little sort.
Most people cannot pass out of college. The only way around is abstinence and celibacy for most of the rest of my life.

I may fail in subjects or a year whole together if I masturbate frequently(once a week). Cause the symptoms really make me dysfunctional mentally for days altogether.
Please help me how I can approach my dad? Should I just abstain and continue my college. I might have to drop from college at a later point of time after spending a ton of money.
How do I tell my dad. I have known about it for a few months now
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