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Hey guys,

Can someone please read this PEACE (Point, Evidence, Analysis, Counter Argument, Evaluation) paragraph and tell me if I am answering the question or not. I think I should have mentioned failures. I am not sure if I understand the question properly.

Evaluate the view that pressure groups are only successful depending on their insider and outsider status.

It can be strongly argued that the success of a pressure group depends on their insider status. For example, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is an insider presser group and works very closely with the government to help achieve economic growth and prosperity. One of their methods includes lobbying which is when they meet with politicians and civil servants to argue their case and try to persuade them to adopt their ideas. This can increase their levels of success because they have direct access to the government and can ensure their grievances and ideas are heard and implemented. For instance, they have achieved a reduction in costs with free calls between sites and prevented business rates from increasing in the past by lobbying the government. However, even if the pressure doesn’t have government aid, it can still be successful. An outsider pressure group like Greenpeace promotes how to tackle climate change by challenging governments and companies responsible for environmental harm and demand meaningful change. Their methods include taking direct action, lobbying and investigating companies and so far, even though they are an outsider pressure group they have been successful in putting pressure on the government who in 2020 announced that it will ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and installed of thousands of turbines which are now harnessing our powerful ocean winds. Hence, pressure groups can be successful with or without government intervention.

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