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How old where you when you where convicted?

If at the time of your convictions, you where under 18 these offences will be filtered after 5 1/2 years, if you where an adult they will be filtered after 11 years.

Filtering means that they won’t routinely be disclosed on enhanced DBS certificates but could be if the information was deemed to be relevant and doing so was proportional.

I’d recommend talking to NACRO, a charity that has an expertise in helping people with criminal backgrounds if you want further information about this.

Lastly- I understand how you feel about what happened and this doesn’t come from a place of judgement, but I wonder if it would paint you in a better light if you displayed remorse and reflected on the personal growth you have gone through since the incident.
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(Original post by conesmento)
These convictions are very minor in the grand scheme of things and in any event on a fitness to practice panel, I can demonstrate that whilst the common assault sounds like assault I didn't actually assault anybody physically with my hands or violence.
I tried to lay bare the details of my convictions in a non-biased and factual way here so that you had a better understanding so I am really happy that you said about displaying remorse etc; thank you.
I'm not being funny, but you haven't actually displayed any remorse in this thread. You've laid out why you did it, and tried to justify your actions, however clearly the magistrates disagreed with your defence.

I have no idea how a fitness to practise panel will find this, however I do know as a paramedic you **will** come across situations with members of the public who are aggressive and threatening towards you. Perhaps you could reflect on how you would handle those situations based upon your previous experience, what you did wrong, and what you should have done/will do in the future.
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